Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Like February 14th

I know it’s somewhat popular to either hate the Feast of St. Valentine, (yes, it is the Feast Day of a Saint) to complain that it is a made up holiday, or at the very least to rationalize it away as something we shouldn’t need – a special day to prove we love someone. Well, I will admit something to you;

 I like Valentine’s Day

I like the hearts, the flowers, the candy, the sentimental songs, all of it. No, I haven’t always had a boyfriend on St. Valentine’s Day and so those years might not have been flower filled and chocolate scented, but I still didn’t hate the day because I like what it represents, love.

While it is true that we should all strive to have love in our hearts and actions daily for those with whom we share our lives, the reality is that doesn’t always happen. People get lazy. Spouses forget to tell each other how much they appreciate and love one another. They forget to show the little kindnesses – scraping the windshield on an icy morning. Getting up with the kids so the other can sleep. (Not leaving dirty underwear on the floor.) Parents forget to tell kids how good they are instead of just how bad. Kids forget to tell parents how much they love and appreciate them. Siblings take each other for granted. So is it REALLY so bad to have a day during the year to remind us to treasure those we love? Is it so wrong for children to believe that Cupid brings them a present to remind them to love others? Is it wrong for children to exchange corny Valentine’s cards with their friends while eating cookies in a crepe paper bedecked classroom? Is Love really less deserving of a day of respect than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., or the Declaration of Independence?  I don’t think so, I don’t think the reminder is bad for any of us.

I certainly understand that no one really NEEDS a heart shaped faux diamond bauble, a dozen red roses, crotchless panties, or a box of chocolates. I understand that what they need is to know that someone cares about them, loves them, and thinks about them. So hate the commercialization of St. Valentine’s Day, just don’t hate the actual day that reminds us to cherish those with whom we share our lives.

Hmm, wonder where the girls stashed that candy they got at school . . .


  1. What? I don't need crotchless panties?

  2. I agree! While my blog was more snarky, I think we hit on the same point- WHY NOT?! what's so wrong with it??

    1. I agree! There is nothing wrong with Valentine's Day!

  3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a day to celebrate the one's we love!

  4. St. Valentine, and me, and God were all grinnin' like hyenas and glowing like fireflies as we read this beautiful treatise on, and oh so very intimate and personal reflection of the TRUE meaning of St. Valentine's Feast Day. Since they don't have Internet in Heaven, Val told me to tell ya he's proud of you and to keep up the good work. You don't need me to tell you how much God loves you, and how precious you are to Him- you already know! I love you too, G.I. Johnny